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12 PLAY                                         A-TOWN

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The World Wide Rydaz concept was conceived by 12play and A-Town. These two brothers, were
both in the military and they love to ride motorcycles. When they moved to Maryland they met
JaBusa and Outcast. They began sporting the WWR logo on their bikes. The name World Wide
Rydaz just fit, because being in the military Soldiers move from post to post and riding with others
military members and civilians from all over the world.



The name World Wide Rydaz came from the Forefathers who started putting WWR stickers on their
bikes. Since these riders lived all over the world, the name World Wide Rydaz was perfect to name
their club. The WWR movement began to grow and so did the number of riders. J-Roc also one of
the original riders was a motivating force that helped make WWR an official Motorcycle Club. In the
fall of 2004; J-Roc, Big Hurt, Ant Love, and Rai-Rai officially began the World Wide Rydaz Motorcycle
Club.  Within a matter of months the club had sanctioned chapters in Aberdeen, MD and Odenton,

The Forefathers and the Executive Officers of WWR would like to thank all the members today for
their contributions. This is the beginning of something great.

Our goal is to have WWR represented all over the world.
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